"The Ultimate Faction Server"

                               -Faction Legends' admins

Faction Legends is a MC Bukkit enabled vanilla server that strives to give you the best Minecraft experience possible with our friendly, humorous admins, 50mb/s up connection, and top of the line player connections. You can have the utmost confidence in the admins and owner, Butric, as it is our job to make sure you're in a friendly, enjoyable, entertaining environment. Far too many good servers are crippled by malicious/annoying/aggravating users and staff, and we're here to draw a line in the sand for these behaviors. Don't think the admins have any intention on holding your hand through your journeys through the untamed lands of Minecraftia, no sir! If you fall in to lava, expect no charity! If you're slain in combat, expect no mercy! If your faction is raided, rebuild and plan revenge! This server is made for war, don't disappoint it, gentlemen. You can, however, rest easy knowing that any server-based errors, rollbacks, various bugs/glitches, etc. will be returned in full as rapidly as possible.

Facebook is our main method of informing our players of upcoming news and events! Hey, and while your at it, you could like the page too!

Since the new 1.8.1 update, some plugins are not functioning properly, we ARE working on it.

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